Breast Cancer Awareness Month is happening right now, with events across the world to raise consciousness about a terrible blight which affects one in eight women. I lose count of the number of people I know who have had family or friends taken from them by breast cancer. I have as well.

Every year there are nearly 1.5 million new cases and more than 450, 000 deaths from breast cancer. It is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide. Because there is insufficient knowledge about its causes, early detection remains the cornerstone of treatment.

I can also count among my friends some who are still with us only because they went to the doctor in good time and received treatment.

This is why I am urging you to do that now, if you are a woman. If you are a man, than urge your girlfriend or partner or wife to do that regularly.

And of course we also need to have the best hospital facilities available. This is why I am supporting the EVA magazine in their efforts to raise money for the Specialised Hospital for Active Treatment of Oncological Diseases in Sofia. May I please encourage you to also support them by spreading the word about the campaign and making a donation. Here is more information about it.

We also have to think about supporting those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We have a Cancer Support Group at the Commission and I am very proud of these colleagues because they dedicate part of their spare time to help others. Because I believe the successful recovery is much more probable if you have a good friend to hold your hand.

One in eight. Medical science is fighting to reduce that statistic. But we can all do something too and play our part. 

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