• Leading the project team "Euro and Social Dialogue".
  • Developing proposals to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union.
  • Making decisions about support for struggling eurozone countries more democratically legitimate, taking into account the social impact.
  • Developing proposals to encourage further structural reforms in eurozone countries.
  • Reviewing the fiscal and macroeconomic surveillance legislation (six-pack) and the new budgetary rules (two-pack).
  • Enhancing the convergence of economic, fiscal and labour market policies between EU countries (European Semester).
  • Promoting social dialogue; engaging with social partners.
  • Steering the work of the Structural Reform Support Service.
  • Ensuring that financial markets are properly regulated and supervised so that they are stable, competitive and transparent, at the service of jobs and growth. This includes the full implementation of the Banking Union.
  • Building a Capital Markets Union by 2019, for all 28 EU Member States, and maximising the benefits of capital markets and non-bank financial institutions for the rest of the economy, particularly for SMEs.
  • Proposing measures to make financial services work better for consumers and retail investors.
  • Promoting a consistent global approach to implementing regulation and agreed standards and principles, in cooperation with international partners.
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European Parliament hearings

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Valdis Dombrovskis' team supports him in his daily work.
Team page


Appointments and meetings

  • Mon 26 Jun

    Delivers a speech at the 25th Summit of Chairmen of EPP Parliamentary Groups in the National Parliaments of the EU and the European Parliament

    Valdis Dombrovskis
  • Mon 26 Jun

    Receives Pierre Bollon, Director General of the French asset management association (AFG), and Mr Philippe Setbon, CEO of Groupama Asset Management

    Valdis Dombrovskis


Latvian nationality. Married.

  • Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue, also in charge of Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
    • 2016-present
  • Commission Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue
    • 2014-present
  • Member of the European Parliament
    • 2014
  • Member of the Latvian Parliament
    • 2014
  • Board member of the political party Unity (Vienotība)
    • 2011-14
  • Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia
    • 2009-14
  • Member of the European Parliament
    • 2004-09
  • Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia
    • 2002-04
  • Chief economist at the monetary policy department, Bank of Latvia
    • 2001-02
  • Professional Master's degree in customs and tax administration, Riga Technical University
    • 2005-07
  • Master's degree in physics, University of Latvia
    • 1993-96
  • Bachelor's degree in economics for engineers, Riga Technical University
    • 1992-95
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics, University of Latvia
    • 1989 - 93