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European Commission
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
  • Head of Cabinet

    Ioana Rus

    Ioana Rus

    • Management of the Cabinet​

    • Strategy and general coordination 

    • Relations with the President's Cabinet

    • Relations with the European Political Strategy Center

    • Relations with the Secretariat General

    • Strategy  Communication Matters

    • Senior staff matters

  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Ioannis Latoudis

    Ioannis Latoudis

    Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom

    • Future of cohesion policy
    • Relations with Council
    • Relations with European Parliament and national parliaments
    • Budget review and MFF
    • Discharge procedure
    • PEACE+
    • Management of support staff


    • Group of inter-institutional Relations
    • Budget and Human Resources
    • Brexit
    • Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Management
  • Member / Communication Advisor

    Dana Berinde

    Dana Berinde


    • Communication and information policy
    • Relations and communication with the Romanian speaking media
    • Relations with the Spokespersons' Service
    • European Week of Regions and Cities, Regio Stars
    • Media Web
    • Citizens dialogue
    • Trainees and NEPTs
  • Member

    Jan Mikołaj Dzięciołowski

    Jan Mikołaj  Dzięciołowski

    Spain, France, Italy, Poland and Portugal

    • Links with the Investment Plan
    • Financial instruments, EIB, Jaspers
    • Additionality
    • Outermost regions


    • Euro and Social Dialogue (Vice-President Dombrovskis)
    • Taxation and Custom Union
    • Financial stability, financial services, capital market Union
    • Economic and Financial Affairs
    • Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness (Vice-President Katainen)
    • Research, Science and Innovation
    • Joint Research Centre
    • Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
  • Member of Cabinet

    Borislava Woodford

    Borislava Woodford

    Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

    • Territorial Cooperation and Macrostrategies
    • Northern Ireland Task Force
    • Relations with CoR, EESC, Ombudsman, and regional and local associations
    • Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship


    • Digital Single Market (Vice-President Ansip)
    • Competition
    • Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Skills and Labour Mobility
    • Audit, Court of Auditors, Anti-fraud, Audit Progress Committee
    • Internal Audit Service
    • Legal Service
    • Court of Justice
  • Member / Personal Assistant

    Tomáš Nejdl

    Tomasj Nejdl

    Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia

    • Horizontal issues of implementation of cohesion policy
    • Task-force for Better Implementation
    • High Level Group on Simplification/ Simplification
    • Lagging regions and administrative capacity


    • Energy Union (Vice-President Šefčovič)
    • Energy and Climate Action
    • Environment
    • Mobility and transport
  • Member

    Rastislav Prokopic


    Austria, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Sweden

    • Annual Budget, Financial Programming
    • International dimension
    • Accession negotiations
    • Evaluation and cohesion reports, national and regional eligibility


    • European External Action Service (VP Mogherini)
    • International Cooperation and Development
    • Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations
    • Security and Defence
    • Statistics and Eurostat
  • Policy Assistant

    Benjamin Barets


    Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

    • Urban issues and territorial cohesion
    • Solidarity Fund
    • Relations with the international institutions (EBRD, World Bank, OECD)
    • Coordination of speeches


    • Trade
    • Agriculture and rural development
    • Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
    • Health and Food Security
    • Better regulation (FVP Timmemrans)
    • Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality
    • Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
  • Speechwriter

    Daniel Mouque

  • Personal assistant to the Commissioner

    Aïda Bajanaru

    Aïda Bajanaru
    • Local Security Officer (LSO)
    • Business continuity
  • Assistant to the Head of Cabinet

    Laetitia Benali

    • Permanences (duty officer)
    • Phone's programming
    • GRI files
  • Social media assistant

    Alina Marinache

    Aleksandra Zagar
    • Social media
    • IT contact point
    • Trainees and END
  • Assistant to Jan Dzieciolowski and Marion Finke

    Elke Waelzl

    • Training
    • NIF
  • Assistant to Ioannis Latoudis

    Styliani (Stella) Contoudis

    Stylliani Contoudis
    • BASIL (Parliamentary questions)
    • Ombusdman/Petitions
  • Assistant to Tomáš NEJDL and Rastislav PROKOPIC

    Caroline Limon

  • Archives and documentation

    Isabel dos Santos Simões

    Isabel Dos Santos Simoes
    • Archives (HEBDO, College, e-GREFFE, RSCC, RICC)
    • DMO (ARES, President's mail)
    • Basis cross-Cabinets
  • Blue Book Trainee

    Rareș Dumitraș