Brussels, 14 March 2016

The European Commission has adopted projects worth €453.6 million for the construction of new motorway sections in the Czech Republic. The share of EU co-finance is €281.1 million.

Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu, who approved the investments, said: “These investments divert transit traffic from the currently overloaded routes in Prague, increase road safety and improve air quality. The completion of the roads will also increase the economic competitiveness of the regions."

The projects are three separate investments part of the core Trans-European Transport Networks involving the construction of new four-lane sections of the Prague Ring Road Lahovice-Vestec (Central Bohemia), the Expressway R6 Lubenec-Bošov (Western Bohemia) and the two lanes Road I/35 Bílý Kostel-Hrádek nad Nisou in the Liberec region.

The European Commission invests €145.5 million from the Cohesion Fund for the construction of 8,34 km as one of the 11 sections of the Prague Ring Road that takes freight traffic away from the city centre to improve safety of transport and air quality.

Over €69,6 million from the Cohesion Fund is invested in the construction of the two lane Road I/35 Bílý Kostel-Hrádek nad Nisou. These important eight kilometers are the last part in the section between Liberec and the national boundary with Germany and Poland. The I/35 could become a four-lane road in the future.

The completion of the R6 expressway Lubenec-Bosov is a high priority project of the Czech Republic and very important from a trans-European transport point of view. Investment from the Cohesion Funds will reach €65,9 million. The final completion of the whole project (phase I + II) is scheduled for November 2016.


These are "major projects", for which the total investment is above €50 million and thus subject to a specific decision by the European Commission whereas other types of projects are approved at national or regional levels.

The co-financing decision for these projects falls under the programming period 2007-2013.

The Czech Republic has been allocated approximately €26.7 billion in cohesion policy funding for 2007-2013 and €22 billion (current prices) for 2014-2020.


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