The European Commission has approved four investments, for a total of more than 203 million euro, co-financed by European Regional Development Fund, for the development of health care infrastructures in the Northern Great Plain region, the Southern Transdanubia region and the Southern Great Plain region.

Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu said: “I am proud of these Major Projects, which will significantly improve the quality of healthcare in Hungary, hence the quality of people's everyday life. This tangibly shows the difference Cohesion Policy can make on the ground."

The first project consists of the completion of a hospital structure, including the building of a new hospital complex with an emergency care centre in the city of Nyíregyháza (Northern region). EU funds will contribute to financing the development of the equipment-machinery pool, with high-value instruments.

The second one will provide the Clinical Centre of the city Szeged in the Southern Great Plain region - in charge of the regional coverage of 1.3 million inhabitants - with a new clinical block. It also aims to modernize the existing structures and to establish an emergency centre with up-to-date medical and IT equipment.

The third and forth investments concern the cities of Pécs and Kaposvár (Southern Transdanubia region). The Clinical Centre of the University of Pécs will benefit from the creation of a core hospital through the renovation and extension of the existing block and from the renewal of its organisational and operational structure with modernised instruments. The county's largest hospital operating in Kaposvár will see its services improved with the development of an integrated emergency care and the upgrade of the central site.

These investments come through the 2007-2013 Operational programme "Social Infrastructure" under the priority axis "Development of the health care infrastructure". Via the European Regional Development Fund, the EU will finance more than 44 million euro out of 56 million for the first project, more than 43 million euro out of 54 million for the second one, more than 39 million euro out of 51 million for the third one, and more than 35 million euro out of 42 million for the fourth one. Overall the European Regional Development Fund will finance 85% of the projects costs.



These are "major projects", of which the total investment (VAT included) is above €50 million and thus subject to a specific decision by the European Commission, whereas other types of projects are approved at national or regional levels.

Hungary was allocated approximately €25 billion in Cohesion Policy funding from 2007-2013 and will receive €21.9 billion for the 2014-2020 programming period.


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