The drive for better spending of EU investments received a boost today with the adoption of a programme of initiatives by European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu. The so called "ESPON" programme aims to support the effectiveness of EU Cohesion Policy as well as policies and programmes under all European Structural and Investment Funds and national and regional territorial development policies.  

The ESPON programme will produce analysis and information on trends around Europe covering areas from movements on labour markets, patterns of investment and commuting, to population ageing and demographic shifts, and the impact of climate change.

Corina Crețu, Commissioner for Regional Policy, who adopted the ESPON programme today, said: "Our policies need to be a response to the realities on the ground in our regions and cities. We need actions and projects that serve the real needs of people: that's why this programme I have adopted today is important. It will produce a wealth of pan-European research - for the European Commission to use but most importantly for cities and regions themselves to make sure policy making across the EU is informed by evidence above all."

The programme covers the entire territory of the 28 EU Members States, as well as 4 Partner States of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and is worth more than €48 million, with a contribution from the European Union of around €41 million from the European Regional and Development Fund.

Most of the EU funding will be allocated to research projects to produce results among which should be:

  • Enhancing production of territorial evidence through applied research and analyses.
  • Upgrading knowledge transfer and use of analytical user support.
  • Improving territorial observation and tools for territorial analysis.
  • Widening the reach and uptake of territorial evidence.



Total Budget of the cooperation programme: €48.6 million.

Total EU contribution (ERDF- European Regional Development Fund): €41.3 million

The programme is managed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures Department for Spatial Planning and Development (DATER), Division for European Affairs of Luxembourg.

Contact : Thiemo W. Eser Place de l'Europe, 4, L-1499 Luxembourg. 


More information:


Summary of the Operational Programme for Cohesion Policy Funds 2014-2020

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