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European Commission
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
  • Head of Cabinet

    Matej Zakonjšek

    Matej Zakonjsek
    • Strategy and policy coordination
    • Coordination of work programme
    • Cabinet management
    • Senior Personnel
    • Relations with DG MOVE
    • Relations with President Juncker and
    • FVP Timmermans Cabinets
    • HEBDO
    • Relations with the Council


    • Foreign Policy  
    • Development policy

    Non EU: Africa, Middle East, Asia, Russia, Latin America, Australia, Oceania

  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Jocelyn Fajardo

    Jocelyn Fajardo
    • Deputise for the Head of Cabinet
    • GRI, Inter-institutional relations
    • Road transport
    • Rail transport, incl. rail safety and interoperability
    • Rail, bus and coach passenger rights
    • Relations with the European Parliament
    • Relations with National Parliaments


    • Internal Market, Enterprises and SMEs

    Member States: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal

  • Cabinet expert

    Alessandro Carano

    Alessandro Carano
    • TEN-T policy
    • EU Strategic Infrastructure investments (Connecting Europe Facility, Investment Plan for Europe)
    • Relations with the Committee of the Regions
    • Relations with the Court of Auditors


    • Economic and financial services
    • Budget and Internal Audit
    • Taxation and Customs Union
    • Trade
    • Regional Policy

    Member States: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

    Non-EU: Eastern Partnership countries, EU-China Connectivity

  • Member

    Alisa Tiganj

    Alisa Tiganj
    • Waterborne transport, including maritime safety, ports and inland navigation
    • Maritime passenger rights
    • Road Safety
    • Legal issues and infringements


    • Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
    • Competition
    • Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement
    • Agriculture

    Member States: Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Greece

    Non-EU: Western Balkans, Turkey

  • Member/Communication Adviser

    Joshua Salsby

    Joshua Salsby
    • Aviation policy, including aviation agreements, single European sky and aviation safety
    • Air passenger rights
    • Transport security
    • Communication Adviser


    • Spokespersons' Service
    • Security
    • Migration and Home
    • Security and Defence policies
    • Humanitarian Aid and crisis management

    Member States: United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

    Non-EU: USA and Canada

  • Member

    Silke Obst

    Silke Obst
    • Sustainable and intelligent transport, incl. urban mobility
    • Multimodality and logistics
    • Transport innovation and research


    • Energy and Climate
    • Environment  
    • Health
    • Research, Science and Innovation
    • Digital economy

    Member States: Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia

    Non-EU: Switzerland, Norway

  • Member/Personal Assistant

    Blaž Pongračič

    Blaz Pongracic
    •   Parliamentary questions
    •   Ombudsman recommendations and Petitions
    •   Personal Assistant tasks

    Member States: Slovenia

  • Policy Assistant

    Martina Hakl

    Martina Hakl
    • Transport social agenda and gender policy
    • Relations with Slovenian media
    • Relations with the Economic and Social Committee


    • Employment, Social Affairs
    • Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
    • Justice and Consumer Protection

    Member States: Bulgaria, Romania

  • Communication Assistant

    Filippo Positano

    Filippo Positano
    • Social media
  • Assistant to the Commissioner

    Leja Špiljak

    Leja Špiljak
    • Coordination of the Commissioner’s agenda
    • Missions of the Commissioner
  • Assistant to the Head of Cabinet

    Stephanie Clouet

    Stéphanie Clouet
    • Human resources, appraisals and trainings
    • Coordination of Cabinet administrative matters
    • Special Advisers
    • IT correspondent
    • Local security officer
    • GECO
    • Business Continuity Contact Point
  • Assistant to Jocelyn Fajardo and Joshua Salsby

    Eleftheria Voliotou

    Eleftheria Voliotou
  • On maternity leave

    Laurence Vu

    Laurance Vu


  • Driver

    Giordano Criscito

  • Driver

    Robert Kano