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European Commission
Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200
1049 Brussels
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  • Head of Cabinet

    Juhan Lepassaar

    Juhan  Lepassaar
    • Strategic planning and general policy coordination
    • Cabinet management and senior personnel issues
  • Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Laure Chapuis

    Laure  Chapuis

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • Data protection
    • Internet rights, e-privacy
    • Internet governance
    • International data flows (including Privacy Shield)
    • Consumer protection and digital contract law
    • e-commerce (including geo-blocking)

    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Justice and consumer policy, fundamental rights, citizenship
    • Sustainable development, environment and climate policy
    • Trade policies
    • Institutional affairs

    Horizontal responsibilities:

    • Deputising for the head of cabinet
    • Inter-institutional relations group (GRI)
    • Relations with the European Parliament, European Council, European Commission
    • European Court of Justice, infringements

    Country responsibilities: Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta

  • Communication Adviser (Member of Cabinet)

    Maximilian Strotmann

    Maximilian Strotmann

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • SMEs, startups and collaborative economy
    • European Cloud Initiative, HPC
    • Digital industrialisation
    • Standardisation, interoperability (including Priority ICT standards plan), open source
    • e-government, public e-services (including European Interoperability Framework), digital REFIT

    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Internal market, free movement of goods and services
    • Administration, HR, transparency, anti-fraud
    • Mobility, transport, maritime affairs, energy union
    • Health and food safety

    Horizontal responsibilities:

    • Strategic communication planning and coordination
    • Spokesperson's service

    Country responsibilities: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Slovenia

  • Cabinet Expert

    Jörgen Gren

    Jörgen  Gren

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • Copyright, content industry and creators
    • Data economy (free flow of data)
    • Platform (including eCommerce Directive)

    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Cultural policy
    • Competition and state aid policy

    Horizontal responsibilities:

    • Delivery and finalisation of the Digital Single Market strategy

    Country responsibilities: Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, EFTA/EEA countries

  • Member of Cabinet

    Aare Järvan

    Aare  Järvan

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • Digital Single Market legislative proposals on VAT
    • E-payments
    • Digital investments in the Multiannual Financial Framework
    • FinTech
    • Telecom single market and electronic communications framework (including spectrum and enforcement)

    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • European Semester
    • Free movement of capital, financial services, European Monetary Union, Banking Union
    • Multiannual Financial Framework, budget, regional policy
    • Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policies, rural development
    • Taxation and customs policy

    Horizontal responsibilities:

    • European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, international financial institutions
    • Impact assessment, better regulation

    Country responsibilities: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania

  • Member of Cabinet

    Vivian Loonela

    Vivian Loonela

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • Cyber security
    • Digital for development
    • Digital Single Market global outreach

    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Foreign and security policy, defence
    • Security Union
    • Enlargement and neighbourhood
    • Migration and asylum policy
    • Development policy, humanitarian aid

    Country responsibilities: Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, non-EU countries


  • Member of cabinet

    Marie Frenay

    Marie Frenay

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • ICT research and innovation
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Parcel delivery


    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Research, science and innovation
    • Education
    • Employment and social policies, free movement of labour


    Country responsibilities: Belgium, Luxembourg

  • Member of Cabinet

    Tauno Tõhk

    Tauno Tõhk

    Portfolio responsibilities:

    • Media policy (including AVMSD, MEDIA programme)
    • Disinformation
    • Skills (including coding), multilingualism


    Non-portfolio responsibilities:

    • Communication activities
    • Online and audio-visual media
    • Vice-President's profile, national media


    Country responsibilities: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia

  • Speechwriter

    Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith
    • Speeches and publications for the Vice-President
    • Online media
  • Assistant to the Vice-President

    Helen Mäsak

    Helen  Mäsäk
  • Assistant to the Head of Cabinet

    Inés Camacho Serna

    Inés Camacho Serna

    David Kiss

    David Kiss
  • Assistant to the Deputy Head of Cabinet

    Helena Kolaj

    Helena  Kolaj
  • Assistant to Maximilian Strotmann, Jörgen Gren

    Kadri Lääs

    Kadri Laas
  • Assistant to Aare Järvan, Marie Frenay

    Veronique Mägi

    Veronique Mägi
    • Substitute archivist
  • Policy Assistant

    Charles Manoury

    Charles Manoury pic
    • Assisting head of cabinet with general coordination
    • Assisting cabinet members on delivering the Digital Single Market and specific policy files
  • Data Management Officer

    Willy Pary

    Willy  Pary
    • Digital management
    • Archives and e-College
    • Cabinet's digital workspace
  • Trainee

    Meelis Kivinurm

    Meelis Kivinurm