Today's ruling clears the way to make the Marrakesh Treaty a reality for people with print disabilities, as soon as possible.  

The Marrakesh Treaty will improve the lives of millions of blind, visually impaired and otherwise print-disabled people, such as dyslexic people.

 It facilitates the cross-border exchange of special format copies of books, including adapted audio books and e-books, and other print material between those countries that are parties to the Treaty.

Today's ruling clarifies how the Treaty can be ratified in the European Union. This can now be done very quickly.

While this is a very important step, other measures need to be taken as fast as possible. I rely on the European Parliament and Member States to adopt our proposals rapidly; in other words, to "translate" the Treaty into EU copyright rules. I am confident this can be one of the many achievements reached during the Maltese Presidency of the EU.  

There should be no more delays. People with disabilities deserve proper online access to culture, knowledge and to the everyday goods and services that other people take for granted.  This is essential for their full and equal participation in our society and economy.