Vytenis Andriukaitis
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European Commission

Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200

1049 Brussels


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  • Modernising and simplifying EU food safety policy while keeping the current high level of safety and ensuring existing policies have maximum effect.
  • Ensuring the Commission is ready in supporting the EU’s capacity to deal with crisis situations in food safety or pandemics.
  • Reviewing the laws that oblige the Commission to authorise genetically modified organisms (GMOs), even when a majority of national governments opposes them.
  • Building up knowledge on the performance of national health systems to shape national and EU policies.
  • Helping address the challenge of increased calls on national health services at a time of intense pressure on public finances.

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Vytenis Andriukaitis' team supports him in his daily work.
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Appointments and meetings

  • Mon 22 Jul

    Meeting with European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP)

    Vytenis Andriukaitis


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Lithuanian nationality. Married with three children.

  • Commissioner for Health and Food Safety
    • 2014-present
  • Vice-President of the World Health Assembly
    • 2014
  • Minister for Health
    • 2012-14
  • Deputy Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament
    • 2001-04
  • Party leader of Lietuvos Socialdemokratų Partija (LSDP, Social Democratic Party of Lithuania)
    • 1999-2000
  • Member of the Lithuanian Parliament
    • 1992-04 and 2008-14
  • Signatory of the act of independence of Lithuania and co-author of the country's constitution
    • 1990-92
  • Founder of the LSDP
    • 1989
  • Medical doctor and surgeon in Kaunas, Ignalina and Vilnius
    • 1975-93
  • Master's degree in History, Vilnius University
    • 1984
  • Medical doctor's degree, Kaunas Institute of Medicine
    • 1975