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Europinion (CTS) Keywords and topics

Implementation of the Treaty: A Europe %C3%A0 la carte%C3

Attachment to Europe, country, region, ...

Attitudes towards certain EU policies

European citizenship


Trust in the EU institutions

Corfu European Council

Increased co-operation

Right of veto

Vote at local elections


European elections

Satisfaction with democracy in the European Union

Satisfaction with democracy in the Member States

Reforms of the European Institutions (I.G.C.)


Interest in matters related to the EU

Europe Day (9 May)

Conflict in former Yugoslavia

White Paper %C3growth, competitivity, employment%C3

Council Majorities

European Ombudsman

Single currency

Awareness of I.C.G.

Awareness and knowledge of Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties

European Parliament

Sharing of sovereignty and deepening of the EU

Involvement of citizens in EU decisions

Perceived national influence in EU decision making

Assessment of the economic and social situation

Foreign and defence common policy

Post-CIG referendum

Free movement

Social benefit

Feeling and need of being informed about the EU

Information society and highways

Support for the EU

Qualified majority voting

Values of Europeans

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