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Standard Eurobarometer 60

The standard Eurobarometer was established in 1973. Each survey consists of approximately 1000 face-to-face interviews per country. Reports are published twice yearly. Reproduction is authorized, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

Fieldwork : October-November 2003
Publication : December 2003

Full Report + annexes february 2004 PDF[1619kb] English
First Results december 2003 PDF[1200kb] English

National ReportsExecutive summariesPublication
Austria [925kb] [138kb] february 2004
Belgium PDF [428kb] [206kb] february 2004
Denmark [440kb] [141kb]february 2004
Finland [500kb] [187kb] february 2004
France [538kb] [214kb] february 2004
Germany [1351kb] [189kb] february 2004
Greece [1860kb] [246kb] february 2004
Ireland [534kb] [145kb] february 2004
Italy [449kb] [203kb] february 2004
Luxembourg [192kb] [149kb] february 2004
Portugal [533kb] [147kb] february 2004
Spain [510kb] [261kb] february 2004
Sweden [448kb] [197kb] february 2004
The Netherlands [286kb] [192kb] february 2004
United Kingdom [622kb] [215kb] february 2004
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