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EU 2020 reporting (European Semester and Energy Union)


The EU and countries' progress towards the 2020 targets is analysed every year in the context of the European Semester, a yearly cycle of economic policy coordination, and of the Energy Union.

Specifically, countries are assessed on their progress on:

The assessment is based on:

2015 findings

The 20% target should be reached by the EU as a whole, but the situation varies across countries:

  • 24 countries are expected to meet their national 2020 target in the non-ETS sectors with existing measures.
  • 4 countries (Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium and Austria) will, according to their latest projections, need additional efforts to meet domestically their 2020 targets for the non-ETS sectors.

This year, the Commission did not propose country specific recommendations in the field of energy and climate. However, the State of the Energy Union provides policy conclusions at the Member State level. It is accompanied by 28 country factsheets giving a snapshot of where each Member State stands today on the five dimensions of the Energy Union.


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Monthly progress updates

Assessment of climate change policies in the context of the European Semester: Country Reports 2015