Climate Action

The start of auctioning for the Innovation Fund slightly postponed but no delay to the launch of the Innovation Fund


The 2020 monetisation of the first batch of 50 million allowances for the Innovation Fund was planned to start on 7 January 2020 but will be slightly delayed. The auctions of Member States’ allowances will take place as scheduled. This slight postponement of the monetisation will not delay the launch of the Innovation Fund.

The auctions scheduled for 2020 by the European Energy Exchange (EEX), in its capacity of common auction platform, include volumes of allowances for the Innovation Fund. However, these volumes will be withheld from auctions, as the necessary arrangements for this monetisation are not yet in place.

Further communication will follow in January 2020. EEX will, well ahead of the start of the auctioning of the Innovation Fund allowances, publish an updated 2020 calendar for the common auction platform. The new calendar will include an even distribution of the full volume of 50 million allowances for the Innovation Fund through the remaining auctions in 2020.

Therefore, the 2020 auctions on EEX as common auction platform will start as planned on 7 January 2020, with the exception that the volumes for the Innovation Fund will not be included in these auctions until the necessary arrangements for the Innovation Fund are in place. Thus, there will initially be 373,000 fewer allowances auctioned at each auction, compared to what is stated in the auction calendar.

Further updated information will be communicated on this website.