Climate Action

Shaping the European Climate Pact: Commission launches public consultation


Alongside policies and regulation, citizens, communities and organisations in all sectors of our society and economy have a part to play in the transition to a climate-neutral Europe.

To this end, the Commission is launching today a public consultation on the future European Climate Pact, a broad initiative to give everyone a voice and space to design new climate actions, share information, launch grassroots activities and showcase solutions that others can follow.

The European Climate Pact aims to inform, inspire and foster cooperation between people and organisations ranging from national, regional and local authorities to businesses, unions, civil society organisations, educational institutions,  research and innovation organisations, consumer groups and individuals.

The Commission wants to hear everyone’s ideas for action under the Climate Pact are and how to make it as effective, inclusive and ambitious as possible.

The public consultation will be open until 17 June.

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