Climate Action

Finance for innovation: Towards the ETS Innovation Fund


Intensified de-carbonisation of energy-intensive industries and energy in the next decade is a pre-requisite for meeting our climate and energy targets.

To help the industry and the power sectors meet these innovation and investment challenges, the Commission proposal for revision of the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) post-2020 puts forward an Innovation Fund, which will support innovative demonstration projects in energy intensive industries, renewable energy and carbon capture and storage. The design of the Fund, including eligible technologies and financial modalities, will have to address the specific market needs and demand for low-carbon innovation, while ensuring effective use of the funds. In order to ensure a quick start of the Fund, following the agreement on the EU ETS revision, DG CLIMA is already launching a consultation process with ETS stakeholders and financiers. A high-level conference will take place on January 20th, to be followed by a number of expert roundtables in the following months. Participants can register for the conference, subject to confirmation according to the capacity of the room.

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