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EU Emissions Trading System: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to start auctions on the common auction platform soon


The EEA EFTA states – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – participating in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) will soon be able to auction emission allowances on the common auction platform. With the formal requirements now cleared, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) will publish the corresponding amendment to the auction calendar shortly.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (EEA EFTA states) participate in the EU Emissions Trading System and consequently have a share of allowances since 2013 to be auctioned. They have chosen to auction their allowances together with those of the 25 Member States participating in the common auction platform, rather than organise separate auctions.  

However, until end 2018 they were not able to auction their allowances as the EEA Agreement had to be amended to allow them to participate in the Joint Procurement Agreement for the common auction platform.

While the formal requirements for auctioning are now fulfilled, some practical arrangements still need to be completed. Accordingly, the EEA EFTA states are expected to start to auction allowances on the common auction platform in June.

The EEX will shortly publish a revised auction calendar including the auction volumes for the EEA EFTA states. The auction volume for the calendar years 2013–2018 yet to be auctioned will be included in the auction calendars for 2019 and 2020.