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Emissions trading: Revised 2019 auction calendars including EEA EFTA volumes published


The European Energy Exchange (EEX) today published the revised 2019 calendars for the auctions of general and aviation allowances in order to include the auction volumes of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (EEA EFTA states).

The EEA EFTA states have joined the 25 EU Member States that participate in the auctioning of emission allowances on the EEX in its capacity as the common auction platform.

The first auction of general allowances including volumes of the EEA EFTA states will take place on 3 June. Aviation allowances of Norway and Iceland will be included in the auctions of aviation allowances as from 17 July.

Following the agreement with EEA EFTA states, the auction volume of the EEA EFTA states for the calendar years 2013-2018 (amounting to 41,982,348 general allowances and 1,555,693 aviation allowances) will be spread over the remaining auctions in 2019 and all auctions in 2020 on a per month basis, with August in both years counting as "50 % of a month". The revised 2019 auction calendars thus include part of the previous volumes withheld from the auctions.

In addition, the modified 2019 auction calendar for general allowances takes into account the EEA EFTA states’ contribution to the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) over the first eight months in 2019 (January to August).

Following the recent publication of the market surplus, contributions to the MSR for the remaining months in 2019 (September to December) will be determined in another revision of the 2019 auction calendar in preparation.

The European Commission closely coordinated the determination of the auction calendars with the EEA EFTA states, the EU Member States and the EEX.

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