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Commission re-appoints European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) as common auction platform

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The European Commission has signed a contract with EEX and its clearing system European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC) to appoint EEX as common platform to auction general and aviation allowances on behalf of 25 Member States under the EU Emissions Trading System for another period of up to five years.

Under the Auctioning Regulation, the common platform auctioning allowances is appointed for a maximum of five years. EEX was re-appointed following the completion of a joint procurement procedure. Even though EEX is the current transitional common auction platform, the Commission, the 25 participating Member States and EEX need to establish the necessary arrangements for the start of the auctions under the new contract, which they aim to conclude by the end of August.

The last auction under the current contract is scheduled on Thursday 18 August and the start of the auctions under the new contract is scheduled on Monday 5 September. Accordingly, the auctions tentatively planned in the published auction calendars between 22 August and 1st September will not take place and the respective volumes will be distributed over the remaining auctions of 2016. The total volumes of general and aviation allowances to be auctioned in 2016 remain unaltered.

EEX will publish the auction calendars, including the respective volumes, for the remainder of 2016 in due time before the start of the auctions maintaining the same dates and bidding windows initially scheduled, starting from Monday 5 September 2016.

As Poland currently uses the common auction platform pending the appointment of its own platform, the continuation of the auctions for Poland is subject to the conclusion of bilateral arrangements between EEX and Poland. EEX will confirm as soon as possible the dates of the auctions for Poland indicatively specified in the published auction calendars by publishing the auction calendars for Poland for the remainder of 2016.

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