Climate Action

Commission's Director-General for Climate Action named Public Manager of the Year

Jos Delbeke, Director–General for Climate Action

The Flemish Association for Public Management has named Jos Delbeke, Director–General for Climate Action at the European Commission, as Public Manager of the Year. It is the first time the honour has been awarded to a European Commission civil servant.

Jos Delbeke was given the award for his management expertise, knowledge and diplomatic skills in working with policy makers in Europe and around the world.

"DG Climate Action is a relatively small DG within the European Commission, but Delbeke has managed to gather a very competent staff in a highly performing and goal-oriented organisation. He is appreciated by his staff for his empathy and decision making skills," the Association said.

"With the climate file being extremely complex with many national and international stakeholders and interests, Delbeke has the understanding of the political logics, but also sees the opportunities to make political progress. He was one of the driving forces behind the long preparations of the Paris summit contributing to the final successful end result."