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European Commission performing ex-post evaluation of the Effort Sharing Decision

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The European Commission is currently carrying out an ex-post evaluation of the Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) to provide important evidence on how the ESD has been performing since its entry into force in 2009. The evaluation shall examine the actual implementation and the achievements of the Effort Sharing Decision on Member State and EU level, including to what extent it is contributing to the overall EU 2020 greenhouse gas emissions target as expected. The empirical evidence and experience of Member States and other stakeholders will also provide useful input to the Commission's preparations of a legislative proposal to continue the ESD after 2020 within the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework.

The evaluation will draw upon a range of evidence, including data from Member States’ greenhouse gas inventories, emissions projections and reporting on policies and measures. In addition, it will also gather expert experience from Member States and other stakeholders through a survey as part of the ex-post evaluation. The Commission has contracted a team of external consultants to assist in performing the evaluation.

If you have any questions on the ex-post evaluation you are welcome to contact us via the functional mailbox set up for this purpose:

It is part of the EU's good practice to periodically evaluate the performance of any policy. In the case of the ESD, Article 14 of the Decision states that the Commission shall draw up a report evaluating its implementation by October 2016.