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Number of international credits exchanged totals 132.8 million

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The European Commission hereby announces the following information concerning aggregate number of international credits that were exchanged for allowances by EU ETS operators by 30 April 2014:

The total number of international credits exchanged amounts to 132.8 million, of which 66.4 million were Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) and 66.4 million were Emission Reduction Units (ERUs).

Companies can exchange CERs and ERUs for allowances up to their individual entitlement limits set in the registry. In contrast with phase two, no information is available on the number of CERs and ERUs used for compliance. Since in phase 3 CERs and ERUs are no longer directly surrendered but exchanged for allowances, it is impossible to trace how many CERs and ERUs were used in a particular compliance year. By the end of phase two, 1058 million CERs and ERUs had already been surrendered.

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