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Commission approves final international credit entitlement tables

Carbon dioxide cloud against a blue sky © Hemera

The European Commission has today approved a fourth batch of international credit entitlement (ICE) tables, covering Bulgaria and Sweden. This means that ICE tables have now been approved for all EU Member States, as well as the EEA-EFTA countries.

All tables will now be uploaded in time before the end of April, allowing for the exchange of international credits in time to meet the compliance requirements for the year 2013.


The first batch of ICE tables was approved on 13 March 2014, covering Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and United Kingdom.

The second batch, approved on 28 March, covered the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

The third batch, approved on 11 April, covered Belgium, Denmark, France and Italy.