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Commission approves first batch of international credit entitlement tables

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The European Commission today approved international credit entitlement (ICE) tables for 17 EU Member States. The decision covers Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and United Kingdom.

The ICE tables contain entitlements for each installation and aircraft operator calculated by Member States in accordance with the Regulation on international credit entitlements. The Commission's checks found that the tables conformed with the requirements set out in Article 11a(8) of the revised EU ETS Directive.

The Central Administrator will now proceed to upload the tables into the Union registry. The outstanding tables are expected to be approved in two or three more batches. By early April all tables should be approved and uploaded.

The exchange of international credits for allowances will be possible as soon as the ICE table for the relevant Member State is approved and uploaded in the Union registry. Once available, the exchange can take place at any time and is not limited to the annual compliance date.

Due to the exchange it will no longer be possible to see year by year how many credits were used. The Commission will periodically publish information on the number of exchanges made.