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Notification of international credit entitlement tables progresses

Trading station © CC BY-NC-ND Stefan Schlautmann

Based on recent developments the European Commission expects EU ETS participants will be able to exchange eligible international credits for allowances from early to mid-March onwards.

The Commission has so far received complete notifications from 21 Member States of their tables of international credit entitlements for each stationary installation and aircraft operator.  Conformity checks on the tables are underway. Notifications are still outstanding from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Sweden and France (partially).

Following the assessment of conformity with legal requirements the Commission will adopt a Decision allowing the tables to be uploaded in the Union registry. A Decision covering the initial batch of approved tables is expected by early March, with the remaining tables following later.

The exchange of international credits for allowances will be possible when the tables have been uploaded in the registry. This can be done separately for each batch of Decisions. On this basis exchanges should be possible from early to mid-March onwards.

The Commission will announce the adoption of the decisions approving the tables on this website. Following approval, tables will be published by Member States and will also be available on the EU Transaction Log (EUTL) website.


The rules for determining individual credit entitlements per installation and aircraft operator are set out in the Commission Regulation on International Credit Entitlements published on 11 November 2013. Member States had until 11 December 2013 to notify their tables with the determined credit entitlements to the Commission.