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EU Climate Change Committee meets on 8 January 2014 to decide on back-loading details

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The Commission has today decided to schedule a meeting of the EU Climate Change Committee to vote on the draft amendment of the Auctioning Regulation to allow for back-loading to be implemented.

During the last session of the Committee, most Member States expressed support for reducing auction volumes in 2014, 2015 and 2016, while adding a provision that makes the amount to be reduced in 2014 dependent on the start of the implementation of back-loading.

The Commission will ask the Committee to support an approach, based on the variant of option b set out in a non-paper, which makes the 2014 back-loading volume dependent on the quarter of the year in which back-loading implementation starts. If back-loading starts by the end of March, the volume will remain 400 million allowances. For every quarter of delay the volume would be reduced by 100 million allowances and this volume would be added in equal shares to the 2015 and 2016 back-loading volume. This means that if back-loading starts in April, May or June the volume for 2014 will be 300 million. The Commission does not expect that back-loading will start later than June.

Information on the outcome of the vote will be provided on this website.

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