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Commission gives green light for a first set of Member States to allocate allowances for calendar year 2013

Globe with rays of light © Comstock

The European Commission today adopted a first Commission decision on free allocation of emission allowances by Member States for phase three of the EU ETS.

Following today's decision, free allowances to industry can be allocated in the following Member States: Austria, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom, corresponding to 23% of the 2013 free allowances.

Following this decision, the administrative steps remaining before the allowances are available on the operators' accounts can be finalised in one or two days. National authorities in concerned Member States are responsible for the last actions, and thus for the date when the allowances will be transferred to operators' accounts.

The national allocation table will be accessible on the EUTL public website within one calendar day after a Member State has finalised the necessary administrative steps enabling the allocation of allowances.

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