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Temporary suspension of Union registry to update status of international credits

Trading station © CC BY-NC-ND Stefan Schlautmann

Access to the Union registry will be suspended on 21 November between 08:00 CET and 12:00 CET to undertake a minor upgrade and to update the status of ERUs issued before 2013.

A significant proportion of track 1 ERUs issued by non-EU Parties to the Kyoto Protocol have been marked as pending/ineligible while the Commission worked with third Parties and the UNFCCC's International Transaction Log to obtain the complete information regarding ERUs issued before 2013. The data has now been provided for ERUs issued by all third Parties and the status of ERUs issued before 2013 will be changed from pending/ineligible to eligible in the Union registry during the downtime on 21 November.

ERUs issued after 2012 by a non-EU Party must be certified in accordance with Article 58 of the Registry Regulation (389/2013) in order to become eligible.  The Commission has received several requests in this regard and is proceeding with updating the status of credits as appropriate where complete information is provided. Queries regarding the certification of ERUs issued after 2012 should be sent to

Further details on the operation described in Article 58(3) of the Registry Regulation, whereby pending or ineligible credits will have to be moved to a KP account, will be made available on this website by 20 December 2013.

Exchanges of International Credits for Allowances

The Regulation on international credit entitlements was adopted on 8 November 2013. The European Commission expects that operators, including aircraft operators, will be able to exchange eligible international credits for allowances from early February 2014. The date for activating the technical functionality allowing the exchanges in the Union registry will be announced on this website by 20 December 2013.


The rules related to the holding of international credits on EU ETS accounts were implemented in the Union registry on 18 July. Account holders can now distinguish international credits that are eligible in the EU ETS from those that are ineligible or require further steps to establish eligibility (i.e. pending), as international credits in EU ETS and EU KP accounts are marked as either eligible or pending/ineligible

In the unlikely event of any changes to the schedule of the Union registry downtime, updated information will be communicated on this website.