Climate Action

Commission adjusts national limits on non-ETS emissions for 2013-2020


The European Commission today adjusted the annual limits on Member States' greenhouse gas emissions for 2013-2020 from sectors not covered by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

The Commission Implementing Decision marks the final step in the implementation of the 2009 Effort Sharing Decision, which applies to sectors outside the EU ETS such as transport (except aviation), buildings, agriculture (excluding forestry) and waste.

The Implementing Decision adjusts the annual emission allocations (AEAs) that the Commission published in March 2013 for each Member State and year for the period 2013-2020.

The adjustments have been made necessary by the extension of the scope of the EU ETS for 2013-2020 as well as unilateral changes in the activities and gases covered by the system in some Member States. In such circumstances, the Effort Sharing Decision requires adjustments to the AEAs through the addition or subtraction of the relevant number of tonnes of CO2-equivalent.  

The adjustments have been prepared and verified in close consultation with Member States in the relevant working groups under the Climate Change Committee.

The decision will enter into force on the third day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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