Climate Action

Experts to explore one of the options for EU ETS structural measures

Close-up of a circuit diagram © Medioimages/Photodisc

DG Climate Action will host a panel of experts on 2 October to discuss technical aspects related to the possible creation of a reserve mechanism to render auction supply in the EU ETS more flexible.

This option for a structural reform of the EU ETS has emerged from the consultation on the options set out in the Report on the state of the European carbon market of November 2012. The purpose of the expert meeting is to explore from a technical perspective the merits and drawbacks of such a mechanism, as well as key design features.

The panel will comprise experts from industry, power generation, finance, research, market analysis and non-governmental organisations.

The meeting will take place from 1400 to 1700 CEST and will be web-streamed.  Those following the discussion online will have the possibility to send questions via e-mail to If time and the discussion in the room allow, some of these questions may be put to the experts present.

To watch the meeting via web-streaming, please e-mail to register and obtain a password.