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Voting starts for most innovative EU low-carbon projects

Voting starts for most innovative EU low-carbon projects

Voting starts today to select Europe's best and most innovative projects for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

More than 300 low-carbon solutions have been entered in the 'World You Like Challenge' since February and 270 projects have been accepted.

For the next two months the public can vote for their preferred project online.

The 10 most practical, cost-efficient and effective climate solutions which can be applied in other European countries will be shortlisted.

These projects will then be put to a jury led by EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, which will select three finalists to be honoured at the Sustainia Award Ceremony in Copenhagen on 7 November.

Commissioner Hedegaard said: "It has been truly encouraging to see so many innovative projects out there – from low-carbon transport solutions and digital tools to make sustainable living easier, to companies, schools and homes producing their own renewable energy. Now that the voting is about to start, what do YOU think are the best solutions to create a world we like? I look forward to rewarding the best ones at our award show in Copenhagen this autumn."

The World You Like Challenge is part of the European Commission's pan-European campaign A world you like. With a climate you like which aims at raising public awareness of climate change and low-carbon solutions.