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First CO2 emissions data for vans published

           Van on the Move© Comstock

New vans (light commercial vehicles, or LCVs) monitored in the European Union last year emitted an average of 180.3g carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre, according to provisional monitoring data published today. The fleet average target to be fully achieved in 2017 is 175g CO2/km.

The emissions of new LCVs were monitored and reported for the first time for the calendar year 2012 as part of the implementation of the EU Regulation on CO2 emissions from vans (Regulation 510/2011).

The provisional 2012 database covers approximately 1.1 million new LCVs registered in the EU, and should serve as a basis for improving the monitoring system and provide manufacturers with indicative information about their CO2 emission performance in 2012. Manufacturers now have the possibility to verify the dataset and notify errors and corrections within the next three months.

The database, which is hosted by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen, does not provide full information about all LCVs covered by the CO2 from vans legislation since LCVs built in multi-stages cannot yet be adequately monitored.

The European Commission and the EEA are working together with EU Member States and the automotive industry to improve the data collection system. The goal is to ensure full data coverage from 2014, when the binding CO2 emission targets for vans will start to be phased in.