Climate Action

Member States approve EEX as Germany's phase 3 auction platform

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The EU Climate Change Committee today supported Germany's choice of European Energy Exchange (EEX) as its definitive opt-out auction platform under the Auctioning Regulation.

The Committee backed an amendment to the Regulation to list EEX in its Annex as Germany's definitive auction platform. Germany selected EEX following a procurement procedure and notified the Commission of the detailed provisions on the planned conduct of the auctions. The Commission has found the proposed appointment compatible with the requirements of the Auctioning Regulation and the objectives of the ETS Directive.

EEX already operates as Germany's 'transitional' opt-out platform. Today's approval as Germany's definitive opt-out auction platform means the Auctioning Regulation will apply to its auctions in full. EEX also conducts auctions as the common auction platform.

Based on the experience gained over the past year, the draft Amendment to the Auctioning Regulation also provides for a number of technical changes, e.g. introducing more flexibility regarding the timing of aviation allowance auctions.

The Commission will now submit the draft amendment to the European Parliament and the Council for their scrutiny. Provided that they raise no objections within three months, the Commission will adopt and publish the amendment, after which it will enter into force.