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Consultation meetings on the options for structural measures to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading ...

Jos Delbeke

The European Commission is organising two consultation meetings on the options for structural measures to strengthen the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). The first meeting will take place on 1st March. The date of the second meeting is still to be confirmed but is provisionally scheduled for 19th April.

Jos Delbeke, Director General of DG Climate Action, said: "The developments in the European carbon market since the turn of the year underline the need for moving forward the reflection on structural measures to address the supply-demand imbalance. I welcome the opportunity to continue to work in an open and constructive manner with stakeholders. Such dialogue has allowed us in the past to identify and prepare the ground for sound policy decisions."

On 14 November 2012 the Commission published a report on the state of the European carbon market. The report sets out a range of possible structural measures that can be taken to tackle the large and growing imbalance in the EU ETS. Following up on this initial assessment, an online consultation is already ongoing and will run until the end of February.

The consultation meetings will be an opportunity for stakeholders to examine in detail the merits and drawbacks of the six options set out in the report. In the first meeting some time will also be dedicated to taking stock of any additional options raised by stakeholders for possible discussion in the second meeting.

Invitations to the meetings will be extended to representatives of Member States, European Free Trade Association States, EU-level industry associations, EU-level environmental groups, other associations representing specific segments of the carbon market, academia and analysts.

The meetings are also expected to be web-streamed. Further details will follow in due course on this webpage.