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Auctions for 2012 aviation allowances put on hold

Clouds seen from a airplane

The Commission has today written to the European Energy Exchange (EEX) to put on hold the auctions for 2012 aviation allowances. This decision, on behalf of the Member States participating in the common auction platform, follows discussions with all Member States.

This request follows the Commission's 12 November 2012 announcement that it will propose a deferral of the enforcement of the requirements under the EU Emissions Trading System for aircraft operators to monitor and report emissions as well as surrender allowances in April 2013 for emissions from flights into and out of Europe during 2012.

Since the ETS Directive provides for 15% of aviation allowances to be auctioned, this deferral would significantly reduce the volume of 2012 aviation allowances to be auctioned. At the same time it would have implications for the shares of aviation allowances attributable to the common and the opt-out auction platforms. Due to these extraordinary circumstances, the Commission and the Member States therefore took the view that this year's auctions should be put on hold.

The Commission will provide more information about the volume and timing of 2012 aviation allowance auctions in due course, so as to ensure that the appropriate volume is auctioned by April 2013.

The Commission understands that Germany and the UK are also contacting EEX and ICE Futures Europe (ICE), respectively, to postpone their planned 2012 aviation auctions.