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New study looks at the costs of meeting the 2020 CO2 target for vans

A van © iStockphoto

A report prepared for the European Commission presents an updated analysis of the feasibility and costs of reducing the average CO2 emissions from new light commercial vehicles (vans). The new report complements an equivalent analysis for passenger cars.

Regulation (EC) 510/2011 sets a target for vans of maximum emissions of 147gCO2/km by 2020. The main conclusion of the report is that new vans can meet this target at a lower cost than estimated in 2009. The report also assesses the effects of changing some key elements of the legislation, for example, the utility parameter used to set the individual targets for manufacturers, and the distribution of costs between different van producers.

The report underpins the impact assessment accompanying the forthcoming proposal to review the Regulation. The main objective of this review is to confirm the 2020 target for vans and define the parameters of meeting it. The Commission proposal is scheduled for adoption in summer 2012.