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Emissions trading: Confirmation of transition to the single registry during June 2012

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Following the partial activation in January of the EU Emissions Trading System single registry for aircraft operators, the full activation of the single registry, including the migration of over 30,000 EU ETS accounts from national registries, is scheduled to take place in June.

Two weeks before the full activation, the operation of the registry system will be suspended and account holders will not be able to access registry accounts - including allowances held in these accounts. In addition, in the three weeks prior to this two-week transition period, account holders will not be able to open or close accounts or to modify account representatives. After the transition, account holders will have to comply with increased documentation requirements and security features to access the transferred accounts in the single registry.

The European Commission is committed to a smooth transition for registry account holders and is working closely with the Member States to achieve this. More information and the exact timetable, including the start and end dates of the transition and the times when access to registry accounts will be suspended, will be communicated on this website on 3 May.