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Germany notifies opt-out auction platform

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Germany has notified the Commission that it intends to appoint the European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) as its transitional opt-out auction platform. The Commission will now assess the notification.

If the Commission is satisfied that the opt-out auction platform respects the rules in the Auctioning Regulation and can be expected to achieve the objectives of the ETS Directive, it will put forward a draft amendment to the Auctioning Regulation in order to list the auction platform in an Annex to the Regulation.

The adoption of this amendment follows the same procedure as the adoption of the Auctioning Regulation itself, including an opinion by the Member States represented in the Climate Change Committee followed by a scrutiny period for the European Parliament and the Council. The opt-out auction platform can start conducting auctions only when the amendment to list it has entered into force.

Germany, Poland and the UK decided to appoint their own auction platform. All other Member States decided to make use of a common auction platform for which the tender will be launched soon.