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Commission provides input for submission on EU emissions reduction target under Kyoto Protocol

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To prepare for a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol, the EU and other Parties have to submit to the UNFCCC Secretariat by 1 May 2012 information on their Quantified Emission Limitation or Reduction Objective (QELRO). The Commission has published a Staff Working Document, which provides technical input for discussions with Member States.

The EU Climate and Energy Package legislation implements a 20% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target (compared to 1990) for the period 2013-2020. However, the Package is different in its scope, coverage of sectors and base year vis-à-vis the Kyoto Protocol, including new decisions agreed in Durban, such as the one on reporting new greenhouse gases.

The technical document published by the Commission therefore translates the maximum allowed emissions (emissions budget) under the Package legislation into the Kyoto rules. It results in an EU QELRO of 80% (i.e. on average a 20% reduction over the period 2013-2020 as compared to the Kyoto Protocol's base year).