Climate Action

EU ETS aviation: Statement by Jos Delbeke, Director-General for Climate Action

Jos Delbeke

Following a speech at the conference "A New Flightplan - Getting global aviation climate measures off the ground" that took place on 7 February, Mr Delbeke wants to correct some of the misunderstanding reported in some press articles.

"The EU is firm on the implementation of its aviation ETS legislation, while engaging positively in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)'s accelerated work on market based measures. This work under ICAO should move beyond discussions in order for decisions to be made to limit global aviation emissions. The EU cannot suspend its legislation. However, our legislation foresees flexibility to exempt incoming flights to take into account action by third countries. Furthermore, we will review and possibly amend our legislation if and when an agreement on market-based measures is found in ICAO."