Climate Action

Preparations for transition to the single registry

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Following consultations with Member States the Commission has decided to activate the single registry in two steps. In a first step and as of 30 January 2012 the single registry will be partially activated in order to allow airlines to open registry accounts and receive free allowances by end February 2012. The full activation of the single registry, including the transfer of existing accounts from national registries, will not take place before June 2012.

While substantial progress has been made in preparing for the transition, the Commission and Member States have agreed that more time is needed to finalise preparations and to avoid any risk of interrupting the annually recurring compliance cycle.

This cycle consists of the allocation of free allowances for 2012 to operators in February 2012, the reporting of verified 2011 emissions by operators in March 2012 and the surrender of allowances by operators in April 2012 as well as final compliance checks in May 2012.

Prior to the full activation of the single registry existing national registries will remain operational.