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Update on preparatory steps for auctioning of phase 3 allowances

Memorial to Robinson Mitchell believed to be the father of the foundation of the modern method of auctioneering

On 24 November 2011, the amendment to the Auctioning Regulation that is to determine, inter alia, the volume of auctions in 2012  was published in the Official Journal. It enters into force today 25 November 2011. There is no change compared to the version agreed by Member States on 13 July 2011.

On 23 November 2011, two joint procurement agreements (JPAs) entered into force. The first JPA concerns the procurement of common auction platforms that will be used by 24 Member States, accounting for some 60% of the allowances to be auctioned. The second JPA concerns the procurement of an auction monitor that will survey the auctions conducted on all auction platforms. These JPAs lay down the rules under which the Commission and Member States will conduct the joint procurement procedures. The JPAs can be found on the Commission's webpage and will later be published, for information, in the Official Journal.

Discussions with Member States on the draft tender specifications are ongoing. In view of ensuring non-discriminatory access, on 14 October, 8 November and 25 November 2011, the Commission made non-binding drafts of parts of the tender documents available on its website. This does not constitute a publication or advertising within the meaning of the Commission's procurement rules.