Climate Action

Director-General Jos Delbeke on the ETS Regulatory Updates

Jos Delbeke

DG CLIMA has created a new web page dedicated to regulatory news and announcements on the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Director-General Jos Delbeke sets out the background: "The EU ETS is our key tool for reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively. In our capacity as regulator, we attach great importance to ensuring a proper release, including pre-announcements, of market sensitive information for the world's largest carbon market. This new portal on the DG CLIMA website will allow stakeholders to follow all major developments in this area."

"Visitors to the DG CLIMA website will have the possibility not only to access all information as regards our climate change policies, including the EU Emissions Trading System, in the "policies" section of the website, but those with a specific interest will be able to read all the relevant announcements and news in the new ETS Regulatory Updates section", explains the Director-General for Climate Action.

The new portal also facilitates access to even more specific topics related to the EU ETS, such as Registries, Auctioning, and Benchmarking, by using a thematic drop-down menu.

Jos Delbeke recommends that all users of the DG CLIMA website consider subscribing to the RSS feeds to ensure early notification every time a regulatory update is published.