Climate Action

Connie Hedegaard: "The ETS is delivering real emission reductions"

Commissioner Connie Hedegaard

During a speech at the European Parliament today (14 July 2011), Connie Hedegaard thanked Sandbag for its "interesting report on the environmental outlook for the European Emissions Trading System" that "strikes a balance between underlining the merits of the EU ETS and criticising the weaknesses."

The Commissioner for Climate Action stressed the importance of the EU ETS, "the central element of Europe's strategy for achieving a 20% emission cut by 2020" and "for meeting our long-term goal of an 80% reduction of domestic emissions by the middle of this century."

In her speech, Connie Hedegaard pointed out that "average annual emissions per installation in 2010 were around 8% lower than when the ETS was launched in 2005" and gave a quick overview of the main changes of the system during the third phase (2013-2020).

The Commissioner agreed with Sandbag that "there are reasons for reinforcing the European Emissions Trading System even more", while also stressing the need for "a sufficient degree of regulatory stability of the ETS."