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Common platform for auctioning carbon allowances in the third phase of the EU Emissions Trading System

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Germany, Poland and the UK have informed the Commission that they intend to opt out of the planned common platform for auctioning emission allowances for the third phase of the EU Emissions Trading System starting in 2013. Each will instead appoint its own auction platforms. The deadline for Member States to inform the European Commission of their intentions expired on 19 February 2011.

Under the EU ETS Auctioning Regulation, once these Member States have determined the identity of their intended opt-out platforms and the details of the auctions to be conducted by them, they must notify their plans so that the Commission can verify that the platform satisfies the rules and objectives of the Regulation. If this is the case, the Commission will submit a draft amendment of the Auctioning Regulation with a view to approving the platform.

The adoption of this amendment would follow the same procedure as that of the Auctioning Regulation itself, namely that it would require approval by the EU Climate Change Committee, after which the European Parliament and the Council would have three months to raise objections before the Commission could adopt it.

The Commission's preparations for the procurement of both the common auction platform that will be used by all other Member States and the single auction monitor that will monitor auctions on all auction platforms are ongoing. Almost 60 % of the total allowances auctioned in phase 3 will enter the market via the common platform.