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Update on transitional measure: EU ETS registry system


Following the suspension from 19 January 2011 of transactions, except for the allocation and surrender of allowances, in all EU ETS national registries, the European Commission has now received first reports from some national registries on the adequacy of their security measures. The Commission has started to review these reports. More national registries are expected to submit reports in the coming days. However, some national registries are not likely to complete their reports for several weeks.

Provided that the Member States with their reports give reasonable assurances that the minimum security requirements are in place, current expectations are that the first national registries may be able to resume normal operations in the second half of the week beginning 31 January 2011 following express notice thereof (see below).

The Commission notes the existence of a broad consensus that security should take precedence over speed in determining when national registries can resume business.

The Commission will continue to provide updates on the situation and will announce the planned re-activation of each national registry. Therefore no registry will be re-activated unless it has been announced at the Commission's web site at least 24 hours in advance.