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Update on transitional measure: EU ETS registry system


Following the suspensions of transactions, except for allocation and surrender of allowances, in all EU ETS national registries at least until 26 January 2011, announced on 19 January 2011, significant progress has been made in recent days.

On Friday, Member States have unanimously endorsed the action taken by the European Commission. On Monday, agreement has been reached on guidance for the minimum requirements that each national registry has to fulfill in order to resume normal operations.

This guidance has been distributed to the competent authorities. Each Member State has been asked to urgently provide the European Commission with an independent report confirming that the minimum security requirements have been put in place.

The European Commission is now awaiting these reports from Member States before national registries are fully re-activated. The first reports are expected to be submitted in the coming days.

The European Commission will continue to provide updates and will give a 24 hour lead-time ahead of the re-activation of national registries.