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2018 auction calendars for aviation allowances published


The European Energy Exchange ('EEX') and ICE Futures Europe ('ICE') have today published their 2018 calendars for the auctions of aviation allowances.


Aviation allowances

The total quantity of aviation allowances to be auctioned amounts to 5,601,500. 

VolumeAuction platformStatesDetails
3,829,000EEX25 Member States4 auctions : 23 May, 18 July, 12 September, 21 November
860,000ICEUnited Kingdom1 auction : 06 June
800,500EEXGermany1 auction : 10 October
112,000EEXPoland1 auction : 20 June

An additional amount of 1,555,693 allowances is to be auctioned by the EEA-EFTA States for the years 2012 to 2018 as soon as the necessary legal framework is in place.

The 2018 auction volumes of aviation allowances are determined on the basis of Article 28a(3) of the ETS Directive in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/2392 of 13 December 2017 amending Directive 2003/87/EC to continue current limitations of scope for aviation activities and to prepare to implement a global market-based measure from 2021.


The European Commission closely coordinated the determination of the auction calendars with Member States and the auction platforms.