A commitment for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent will be at the heart of the European Green Deal to be proposed by the European Commission. Just as the new Commission kicks off, hear from the Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, about the potential pathways to turn climate neutrality by 2050 into reality and seize the opportunities from this transition.


The EU Water Innovation Conference 2019 (EUWIC) will be held on 12 December 2019 in Zaragoza, Spain, under the theme ‘Accelerating action to tackle water pollution and enhance EU preparedness to water-related climate change impacts’.


The 2019 UN climate change conference (COP25) takes place from 2 to 13 December in Madrid (Spain), under the Presidency of the Government of Chile. The EU and its Member States takes part as Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


The 10th edition of the EU ETS Compliance Conference once again showed the value of exchange of expertise and experience on EU ETS implementation among EU ETS Monitoring, Reporting, Verification and Accreditation (MRVA) experts. Around 100 experts from public authorities joined in Brussels to share latest insights on EU ETS implementation.


The 2019 Montreal Protocol Meeting on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer (MOP31) will be held on 4-8 November in Rome, Italy. The EU and its Member States will take part as Parties to the Montreal Protocol. The Commission will also host a side event on safety standards for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.


As 2020 approaches, countries around the world face the challenges of updating and implementing their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) pledges under the Paris Agreement, preparing long-term strategies looking towards 2050, and pursuing the UN Sustainable Development Goals alongside national development priorities.


European Union will hold a side event during the UN climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, entitled 'Long-term strategies and how to get all of society involved'.


Between 31 January and 15 March 2019, the European Commission held technical workshops in eight Member States on the free allocation rules and as a preparation to the big data collection exercise that every installation in the EU ETS will have to perform in order to be eligible for free allocation. The 1-day workshops covered all the details of the free allocation rules including National Implementation Measures (NIMs) process, benchmark updates and monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation (MRVA) requirements. Some practical examples were used to demonstrate how to identify a number of sub-installations and to fill-in the required data templates.

EU and Canada flags

The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a landmark agreement that upholds and promotes the values shared by the EU and Canada. At the same time, Canada and the EU are committed to effectively implementing the Paris Agreement, the global pledge to fight climate change, which is an important shared responsibility for the EU, its Member States and Canada.


The 2018 UN climate change conference (COP24) was held from 2 to 15 December in Katowice, Poland. The EU and its Member States took part as parties to the UN climate change convention.