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Expert workshop on the Market Stability Reserve


As part of a contract with the European Commission, Vivid Economics organises an expert workshop on the Market Stability Reserve.

The Commission is conducting a review of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR), coinciding with the planned proposal for the revision of the EU ETS in June 2021. This review will include an assessment, where relevant, of interactions between the MSR and other planned policies, including the European Green Deal, and their implications for EU ETS functioning.

The Commission has contracted Vivid Economics to provide it with support in this review. In this context, on 3 December 2020, Vivid Economics organises an online expert workshop on the state of development of the EU carbon market and its outlook in future years, as well the impact of these developments on the future of the Market Stability Reserve.


Speakers and participants will include market analysts, academics and stakeholders.

The workshop will address questions on:

  • Future evolution of the surplus of allowances in the EU ETS, including taking into account COVID-19, and the coal phase-out
  • Changes in the behaviour of market participants
  • How to achieve a robust MSR under these conditions

Workshop agenda and participants

Connection details

Panel Discussion 1: State of development of the ETS market and outlook

Panel Discussion 2: Options for changes to MSR design and other considerations

Recording of the expert workshop

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